Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And I Love You so

Last Sunday, August 30, 2009 we watched “And I Love You So” together with my Ate Mew, Ate Roxan and Kuya Mark. We chose to watch the last full show of the movie the screening time was 10 pm.

Lara (Bea Alonzo) a pre school teacher, she is married at the age of 24. She found a perfect husband in Oliver (Derek Ramsay). Oliver did everything to make Lara fall in love with him over again. They were Boyfriend and Girlfriend for almost 5 years, but their marriage last only for 5 months because Oliver has an aneurysm and dies. After 7 months, Lara is still sorrowful, incapable to move on. The he meet Chris (Sam Milby), an obsessive man who also mislaid his wife because of betrayal, but it is his wife’s fault. They become friends and help each other to move on. As they friendship grows, their unmistakable attraction also grows. Soon, the two fall in love with each other.

It is a story that shows not to be afraid in falling in love all over again. It fits to those people who lost their love ones. It can edify you on how you will take care each every moment while you are with you love one. For me, it is very depressing, especially to those people who recently lost a loved one. It was a movie with a real life scenario touching hearts of young lovers and not so young lovers. The movie highlights the importance of living our life to the fullest because each time is precious. It will inspire you to move on and to love again.

It made me cry, “di ako nahihiya kahit nandun pa sila ate haha, kase sila din naiiya haha”. It touches my heart, especially the scene of Bea Alonzo, when she was alone in the school; she put out what she really feels “I hate you! I hate you!” that was the words she said with full of anger. I feel her emotion even though I’ve never been in her situation. That’s the proof that this movie is very touching. As my realization grows, it made me think that we need to cherish every moment of our lives, with our parents, special someone and friends. It’s not easy to lose one’s loved. It takes a lifetime to forget and to heal the wounds. Losing one’s loved is not the end of our lives. Be thankful that you’re alive, and worth living for. We need to move on and continue what we have started.


Gusto ko magmahal ulit pero paano ko gagawin yun kung sa puso ko buhay na buhay ka pa,”

-- Lara (Bea Alonzo)

“Suffering is an option, happiness is a choice”

-- Oliver (Derek Ramsay)