Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Freshmen dude ..

Being a college student is extraordinarily diverse from a high school student. Before, your friends are at hand to assist you with your home works and projects. Now it is different, you separate ways, and because of that, you have to effort for that matter by yourself without the help of your associates.

Here it goes college life on the go. You will meet up lots of NEW in each day you will move toward into the four corners of your classroom. New adjustment, new circle of friends, new environment, new experiences, new tasks, this is more serious than before. You do not need to sit back and slow down; you need to study harder so that your career plan will grow. This is not a game.

July 16, 2009, it has been a month in view of the fact that I cross the threshold of college life. At this time, I believe that being a college student is a serious duty. This is the phase where the people around you or your mentors will practice you to boost your professionalism. Nevertheless, it is not your mentors alone, you also need to be professional independently for you to be able to geared up yourself in the next episode of your life or in other words to the communal world of life.


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