Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Live LIFE to the fullest :)

Love gives meaning to our lives, as do friendship, or art or faith in God. These are factors of true happiness, of inner peace, of feelings of harmony, allowing meaning to our existence. However, there is the other side. There is the cruelty of life, the pain, the evil, not to talk of death.

Is between these pendulums the positive, the one that gives happiness and meaning, and the negative that our lives are lived? Moreover, when we consider all that, we turn up at a diverse and disagreeing set of thoughts about the meaning and purpose of life. Some questions draw closer into my mind. Like, what is my purpose in this humankind? How can we attain true happiness?

For me, I believe that different people was created with different purpose in life to make our world better. I think I was born to be a good daughter to my parents, a good sister to my siblings, a good friend to all of my friends, and a good servant to our dearest God. But I know that all of us is intentionally wants to live a prosperous life that will contribute to grow the human race in our own little ways. We need to discover our true purpose of existing in this world. Because it is, about whom you really are physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

How can we attain true happiness? Happiness is what we all seek for, and what we are longing for. Attaining happiness has many strange journeys. Sometimes, you are hurting other people for you to be able to attain your happiness without any intention. It is true success, not every one would be happy nor is rich, not every one is happy alone, that is why I truly believe in the passage “No one is an island”. Not every one is happy with a certain career; happiness is measurable according to the individuals’s standard for themselves.

For me, I am happy as long as I am not hurting other people. That is why I am very sensitive with the feelings of the people around me. But it doesn’t mean that I had already attained my happiness. I have my own pleasures and contentment in my life. I am not fully reaching my true happiness; still, some needs are not yet on my hands right now. Maybe its god’s will, that he will help me to conquer my happiness not today, but tomorrow.


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