Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You made my day ;]

As I started my college life, I begin to meet new friends. Let myself introduce to you my new friends namely Rochelle Orcullo, Helen Manzano, Charlyn Andrade, and Kelvin Barroso. Rochelle is my first friend in college days, I did not expect someone like her to become one of my friend, she is very gorgeous and attractive (oi flattered cia haha). Helen is very jolly and fun to be with, she always brings her make- up accessories, and Kelvin thought that it was a laptop because it is too large. Charlyn is the most quite among us. Kelvin is the only torn among the roses.

We are always together during TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY. We use to talk during our free time. We made many plans such as going to Luneta Park, Robinsons Ermita, Mall of Asia, Riding Kalesa courtesy of Kelvin (haha), and going to Divisoria.

We love foods, its part of our habit. We use to eat siomai in siomai house, waffle in waffle time, siopao and gulp in 7/11, and lastly the sisig and bicol express in the canteen near our school ( anu name nun? ). We love to take pictures in any angle (haha picture addicts) even in LRT we use to take pictures (walang hiya hiya, pakapalan ng face haha). Before I forgot, part of our lives is SINGING. We use to go to karaoke hub to make some noise (haha). All of us our focus in our studies, we are helping each other in terms of reviewing before exams or quizzes.

As what Rochelle told me “Di niya akalain na magiging close kame kaagad”, I believe to her, in a very short time we already shared many thing in our lives.

-- sana kahit magkakaiba na kame ng sections sa mga darating na taon, magkaroon pa rin ng chance na mag bonding ulet kame haha drama :)). Meron pa kameng 2 months para mag bonding, after that, 1st year 2nd sem na.


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